Cutting tools RIP Saw Blades

RIP Saw Blades

Rip-cutting circular saw blades are manufactured to cut with the grain of the wood.

The blade characteristically has a wide gullet, aggressively positive angle hook, fewer teeth than any other saw blade type. The main purpose of such design is to rapidly rip the wood without grinding it, and easily get rid of waste such as sawdust or chipped lumber. Rip cutting or simply “ripping” is cutting along the fibers of the wood, not across, meets less resistance of the stock and splits it very quickly. Circular saw blades designed for this type of cutting vary greatly from saw blades designed for crosscutting. Most of those differences come from the fact that it is easier to rip than crosscut, meaning that each tooth of the blade can remove a larger amount of material.

Tool No.DiameterTeethKerfBore
8-14 RIP8"14.118" (3.0mm)5/8"
8-24 RIP8"24.118" (3.0mm)5/8"
9-24 RIP9"24.118" (3.0mm)5/8"
10-24 RIP10"24.126" (3.2mm)5/8"
10-24 RIPX-A10"24.094" (2.4mm)5/8"
12-24 RIP12"24.157" (4.0mm)1"
12-24 RIPX12"24.126" (3.2mm)1"
12-30 RIPX12"30.126" (3.2mm)1"
12-36 RIP12"36.126" (3.2mm)1"
14-28 RIPX14"28.138" (3.5mm)1"
14-28 RIP14"28.157" (4.0mm)1"
14-42 RIP14"42.138" (3.5mm)1"
16-32 RIPX16"32.138" (3.5mm)1"
16-32 RIP16"32.157" (4.0mm)1"
16-48 RIP16"48.138" (3.5mm)1"

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