Cutting tools Non-Ferrous Blades Saws for Non-Ferrous Metal

Non-Ferrous Blades Saws for Non-Ferrous Metal

For cutting aluminum sheets, tubing extrusions and other non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, lead and magnesium. For smooth cutting, use lots of lubricant and a clamping device.

Note: The material must be clamped firmly to the table on both sides during cutting operation. The use of coolant is very important.

Although the majority of circular saw blades are designed for cutting wood and engineered wood products, they are also used for cutting a wide variety of other materials, such as non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, plastics, tile, concrete, brick and glass. Cutting requires different saw blades from those used for wood. Each of these types of materials has their own special needs, requiring special blade design. Non-ferrous metal blades are suitable for plastics too, tooth shape is TCG and the hook angle is negative. Abrasive saw blades cut materials like concrete, masonry, brick, tile; the blade is toothless or has just several teeth covered with diamond grains for prolonged durability. Glass and fiberglass cutting blades have characteristics like the previous two types. The similarity common to all mentioned saw blades is negative hook teeth, higher cutting speed (RPM) at which they operate, TCG tooth design in case the circular blade isn’t toothless.

Tool No.DiameterTeethKerfBore
6 1/4-48 N/F6 1/4"48.110" (2.8mm)5/8"
7 1/4-48 N/F7 1/4"48.110" (2.8mm)5/8"
7 1/4-58 N/F7 1/4"58.110" (2.8mm)5/8"
8-48 N/F8"48.110" (2.8mm)5/8"
8-64 N/F8"64.110" (2.8mm)5/8"
8.5-64 N/F8 1/2"64.110" (2.8mm)5/8"
9-60 N/F9"60.110" (2.8mm)5/8"
10-60 N/F10"60.126" (3.2mm)5/8"
10-80 N/F10"80.126" (3.2mm)5/8"
10-100 N/F10"100.126" (3.2mm)5/8"
12-72 N/F12"72.126" (3.2mm)1"
12-96 N/F12"96.126" (3.2mm)1"
13-80 N/F13"80.126" (3.2mm)32mm
13-102 N/F13"102.126" (3.2mm)1"
14-84 N/F14"84.126" (3.2mm)1"
14-108 N/F14"108.126" (3.2mm)1"
15-100 N/F-115"100.126" (3.2mm)1"
15-100 N/F15"100.126" (3.2mm)32mm
16-96 N/F16"96.149" (3.8mm)1"
16-120 N/F16"120.149" (3.8mm)1"
18-108 N/F18"108.157" (4.0mm)1"
18-120 N/F18"120.157" (4.0mm)1"
20-120 N/F20"120.173" (4.4mm)1"

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