Cutting tools Finishing Blades

Finishing Blades

Triple Chip Saw Blades (TCG) for Wood & Laminates

Finishing blades can make smooth and seamless cuts on wood; some can be used as paneling saw blades so you can cut through wood panels and plywood. Wooden panels usually come with one side with a smooth and finished surface while the other side is coarse and unfinished.

Tool No.DiameterTeethKerfBore
7 1/4-42TCG7 1/4"42.118" (3.0mm)5/8"
8-48 TCG8"48.118" (3.0mm)5/8"
8-64 TCG8"64.118" (3.0mm)5/8"
220-64 TCG220mm64.126" (3.2mm)30mm
9-40 TCG9"40.118" (3.0mm)5/8"
9-60 TCG9"60.118" (3.0mm)5/8"
10-40 TCG10"40.126" (3.2mm)5/8"
10-60 TCG10"60.126" (3.2mm)5/8"
10-80 TCG10"80.126" (3.2mm)5/8"
10-80 TCG-110"80.126" (3.2mm)1"
12-60 TCG12"60.126" (3.2mm)1"
12-72 TCG12"72.126" (3.2mm)1"
12-72 TCG-3012"72.126" (3.2mm)30mm
12-96 TCG12"96.126" (3.2mm)1"
14-72 TCG14"72.155" (4.0mm)1"
14-72 TCGX14"72.138" (3.5mm)1"
14-84 TCG14"84.155" (4.0mm)1"
14-84 TCGX14"84.138" (3.5mm)1"
14-108 TCGX14"108.138" (3.5mm)1"
14-112 TCG14"112.155" (4.0mm)1"
16-60 TCGX16"60.138" (3.5mm)1"
16-80 TCG16"80.155" (4.0mm)1"
16-96 TCGX16"96.138" (3.5mm)1"
16-96 TCG16"96.157" (4.0mm)1"
16-120 TCGX16"120.138" (3.5mm)1"

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